About Majikal Theatre

Majikal Theatre was formed, like many things, over a cheeky glass of wine or two with some good friends. Our artistic director, Mike Connell, had built up some strong contacts within the performing arts industry over the years, and dreamed of bringing outstanding productions into intimate venues. Majikal Theatre is looking to bring less well known productions of the highest quality to the villages and theatres of Warwickshire and surrounding counties. Our huge passion for theatre and access to incredible talent who genuinely love what they do means that Majikal Theatre is expecting to go from strength to strength over the coming months and years!

Our Artistic Director, Mike Connell


Our Musical Director, Kathryn Head


Mike has been acting in some form or another for as long as he can remember. He has appeared in numerous stage production all over the Midlands, a variety of films (both feature and short) and has many TV credits to his name. He is one of the UK's first ever ECSPC Advanced graduates, and has also been wrestling professionally for over a decade! After 20 years of musical education and achievements, including a national diploma in music, the Stratford Herald Award for Music and a degree in music composition, Kathryn headed towards a theatrical career. During her youth she held a great passion for acting and performed in a number of roles around the West Midlands, but her musical desire was stronger, leading her to give up acting and take on numerous music director, piano accompanist and session musician roles with various theatre companies based in the Midlands. As well as theatre Kathryn has also performed live with several folk, pop and rock bands at such places as Birmingham NEC, Birmingham Symphony Hall and Scotland's Eden Festival, and she continues to tour around countless venues and festivals within the UK. As Majikal Theatre's new recruit she hopes to bring her own knowledge and enthusiasm into their future productions.